Thursday, 17 April 2014


My friend Gegs is the best at finding new places to eat at, I always end up loving the places she takes me. With this in mind I jumped at her suggestion to try iPho, and I'm so glad I did!

When Gegs and I went we were both a bit overwhelmed by the huge menu so we both decided to narrow it down by choosing from the vegetarian menu. I decided on mock beef soup and she went with the mock duck noodles. As we realised we'd saved money by ordering vegetarian options, we decided to also get an entree of vietnamese rolls. 

These came out about 5 minutes after we ordered and were amazing! The filling was fresh, crunchy, had a generous amount of prawns and the sauce was amazing. We were literally dipping our chop sticks in the sauce once we had eaten all of the rolls it was that good!

My mock beef noodle soup was absolutely delicious! I have eaten tofu many times before but it has never been this good. It had a meaty texture and melted in my mouth. The broth smelt so good and had the perfect balance between salty and sweet. The clear noodles, which I normally find boring, were cooked to perfection and had taken on the flavour of the broth. 

The serving was massive so I took almost half of it home for lunch the next day, and it was even tastier after sitting in the fridge over night.

I didn't get a proper photo of Gegs' mock duck noodles, but I can tell you that the tofu in that dish was equally as amazing as the mock beef I had, but was also completely different! When it first arrived we both thought that they had brought the wrong dish because the tofu looked so much like real duck! The noodles had just enough sauce on them to save them from being dry, and not so much so that they were drowned. 

Overall I was super happy about iPho and have been back several times since first visiting! 

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