Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Matilda Bay Tea Rooms

Last Friday was a public holiday! That meant that my Mum didn't have to go to school. As I handed in an assignment that day, a few of us decided to go out for a meal to celebrate. We wanted to go to somewhere pretty near the water so ended up at Matilda Bay Tea Rooms. 

This was my view from our outside table! So pretty and relaxing, we ended up walking along the coast for about an hour after our meal. 

We went inside to order our food and were given a buzzer. This was our feast for four of us when I collected it!

 I had fishcakes and salad, it was lovely! The little pot of sauce was delicious, and I thought the salad was a bit hard to eat (I'm not a huge fan of plain raw cabbage) until I tipped the sauce on it. Then I couldn't get enough of it! The fishcakes were nice, cooked crunchy on the outside and with a nice spicy flavour. However, one of my Mum's signature dishes is tuna patties and these couldn't quite compare!

The squid and salad was the same as my dish, but instead of my fishcakes it included really well cooked squid! The squid was seasoned nicely and very tender. 

Mum decided on the seafood plate. I don't usually like battered and fried fish but this was nice! The batter was nice and light and it didn't taste overly oily. We were all helping ourselves to her chips in exchange for some of our salad, they were nice and crunchy!

 My dining companions included a 10 year old, who went with the nuggets and chips from the kids menu. This was a good serving size for a kids meal and he seemed to enjoy it!

We all also got a drink, 600ml glass bottles of lemon lime and bitters. There were nice but $5 each! Next time we would just stick with the free water provided from a little esky. This was a lovely place to sit and have lunch, especially because our little 10 year old could run around and play when he got bored of sitting at the table. While the highlight of the meal was the view and the walk after eating, the food was lovely and prepared in a reasonable amount of time, we will be back for sure!

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