Friday, 18 April 2014

Jus Burgers Fremantle

On April Fools day my Mum had a day off from work, so I skipped uni and we headed out to Freo for lunch! We originally planned to go to iPho, but unfortunately as it was a Tuesday it was shut. We got a bit flustered and ended up in Jus Burgers. We haven't really been there before and were surprised to find that a drink would have set us back around $7, so decided we would order a burger and side each but no drinks. 

The lines were HORRIBLE! There weren't many tables so I grabbed and outside table while Mum went and ordered. She was gone for so long that I was actually worried she had gotten lost! When she came back we spotted an inside table so we ran in and claimed it. The food came relatively fast.

I had the lamb burger and Mum got the chicken. We also got onion rings which were brought to the table about 5 minutes after everything else came. The chips were lovely and crunchy and tasted quite fresh. The onion rings were so salty they made us wish that we got a drink, no matter how expensive they were! The burgers were nice, my lamb was definitely better than Mum's chicken. Mum ordered the chicken because it came with pesto and was disappointed to find she could barely taste the pesto! The small coleslaw that came with my burger was nothing exciting and I didn't feel it added anything to the meal. 

Overall while we weren't totally disappointed with our meals, I feel we could get better quality burgers elsewhere for a cheaper price. I do have friends that love Jus Burgers so perhaps we caught them on an off or especially busy day! 

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